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Monologues/Solo Pieces
Retch Gag Spew Hurl Heave Eject – (1 f)
The story inside that wants to get out.
Monologue has three version: 2 minutes, 1.5 minutes, & 1 minute

Stand Still – (1 f)
Rachel encounters a bear on her honeymoon.

Short Plays
Goo – (3 f, 1 disembodied male voice)
A somewhat apocalyptic and definitely psychological foray into the world of questionable reality. Three women eagerly volunteer for a paid sociological experiment in a virtual world. But instead of an easy $10 bucks, they have to fight to each other, fight to win, and ultimately fight for their survival.
Full Production: February 2014 – Something Blue New Play Festival, The Sargent Theatre, New York City, New York

The Man Who Cries Fire and Others – (2 f, 4 m)
In a chaotic reimagining of the death of the Romanov family, what happens to those who are simply following orders?
Reading: August 2014 – Slingshot Series, Episode Three, Spitfire, Belltown, Seattle, Washington

Watch Over Me  – (2 m, 2 f)
A woman prepares for the audition she hopes will finally connect her to her mother.
Full Production: October 2011 – Double Shot Festival, Northwest Playwrights Alliance at the Broadway Center, Tacoma, Washington

The Woman American – (4 f)
A look at a day in the life of a group of 1950s housewives on an average Thursday which is, of course, bridge day. While the day progresses somewhat normally for a while, it is quickly clear that this particular bridge day is a little more bloody than others.
Full production – October 2014 – Double Shot Festival, Northwest Playwrights Alliance at the Broadway Center, Tacoma, Washington
Short List – 2015 Disquiet International Literary Program Short Play Festival
Final 30 – 2016 Sam French Off Off Broadway Theatre Festival at E. 13th Street Theatre, New York City, New York

Disgusting Temptations – (3 f, 2 m)
Cali and Quincy have been waiting for an eternity for the return of their solider hero Donovan. They plan to greet him with more than just a warm welcome if he ever shows up. Drawing inspiration from the return of Agamemnon, this contemporary exploration of the myth investigates the personal consequences of modern warfare set against the backdrop of a rusty trailer in the middle of nowhere.
Full production (Shorter version) – September 2014 – Second Year Playwrights Festival, Columbia University, New York City, New York

Full-Length Plays
and, and, and Isabella Bootlegs – (4 f, 1 m)
Brooklyn has just turned 17 when her mother, Tilly, makes an odd request: that Brooklyn and her father stay locked in the house with Tilly for one year. As Brooklyn investigates the murky past behind her mother’s strange paranoia, she uncovers more family mysteries than she ever could have imagined. and, and, and Isabella Bootlegs tells the story of four generations of women who, in order to move forward, must first delve into the secrets of their lineage.
Full production – May 2015 – Macha Monkey Productions, Seattle, Washington

Invincible Ones – (4 f, 1 m, 1 f voiceover)
Reeling from their best friend’s death, a group of women face what their lives look like in the aftermath. In the wake of loss, they each attempt to answer seemingly unanswerable questions: Who will give the eulogy? Will they ever be able to live alone? Why did that girl’s brother show up? Drawing on roller derby culture, Invincible Ones explores the way we handle grief, guilt, and a constant drip from the heavens above.
Thesis Workshop production – May 2016 – Columbia Stages at Signature Theatre, New York City, New York

starve. – (3 f, 2 m)
Cake, and psychological experiments, and cake, and hunger striking, and trying to keep your job, and cake.
Workshop production – March 2015 – Columbia University, New York City, New York

These Mistakes – (3 f, 3 m)
After the second botched suicide attempt by their matriarch Renee, the Rudin family agrees to return to their beloved family orchard in an effort to reclaim their original ownership of the land. But during their journey they are all confronted with the harsh realities of recovery and each must learn in their own way: delusion doesn’t win back property.
[Inspired by Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard]
Workshop production – December 2014 – Columbia University, New York City, New York
Reading – June 2015 – Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Valdez, Alaska
Remount production with new edits – August 2015 – Columbia University, New York City, New York

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