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Grad school must be doing something for me. I have a draft ready to go and it’s not even 2:30am. According to my old blog (this one – which still exists as I just discovered), the first time I did Double Shot I submitted a script at 5am. The second time, it was 4:41am. Is it even more impressive now that I live on the East Coast? Because I am in the future? I’m going to say…yes. Yes it is.

After I post this blog post, I’m sending the script off. I probably should have done that before I blogged but, like I said, I’m in the future so that means something impressive or makes it less like procrastination. I should send it now though. Sooner than that. And go to bed. I could really use the sleep.

So, a brief synopsis and away I go.
Title: The Woman American
Four 1950s housewives navigate a preempted bridge day in favor of a little bloody sisterhood.

Go see it people! Tell me how it was. I will need updates because at this point in the night, I’m never sure if things I’m writing still make sense.

And to all a good-night!

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