Waiting for the ding.


Submission to that other thing finished. (Check)
Pizza has arrived. (Check)
Answers to the questions from most of the cast. (Check)

This is the hardest part, I find. I know it will hit me at some point. The first time around it was after I had watched a full Julie Andrews movie. The second time I think it came from looking up Lusty Lady slogans. I have a myriad of Pinterest boards, lists and lists of songs, favorite arts pieces, favorite quotes — it’s in there, somewhere.

In some ways, I feel lucky. After a year and some change of grad school I, technically, have the tools to create the right environment to pull this out of myself. I, technically, have the tools to get inspiration from anywhere.

I bet it comes from pizza and the middle of the night haze.
Some things never change. (Check)

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